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Founded in 2011, and taking their name from the Twelve Peers of Charlemagne, 12 Peers Theater's mission is to provide challenging and engaging theater for Pittsburgh audiences. through contemporary works exploring myth and cultural identity.

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12 Peers Theater's programming is focused on modern myth in the current societal and cultural landscape. 12 Peers Theater is also driven to produce well written plays, while still striving to bring new plays to the Greater Pittsburgh Area. All of 12 Peers Theater's main stage productions, spanning the last five years, have been local, national, or world premieres, and have a great deal of creative and programmatic risk taking. The hope is to present our audiences with something they haven't experienced before in Pittsburgh. In 2017, our focus shifts to the creation of myth itself. Will Eno's Thom Pain (based on nothing) is one man's attempt to mythologize the loss of innocence we all experience when we shift, sometimes in a single moment, from child to adult. Anne Washburn's Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play turns an eye to the communal creation of myth by exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape where yesterday's pop culture is rehashed as a myth of perseverance.

12 Peers Theater's Artistic Vision is also one of an egalitarian theatre. In 2016, in celebration of our fifth anniversary, we implemented a Name Your Own Price ticketing structure to minimize the risk of purchasing a ticket for those who might not attend theatre regularly, and to encourage those who might not be able to easily afford tickets regularly to attend. This ticketing structure will be implemented again in a modified form for our 2017 season through Name Your Own Price Sundays.
Testimonials for The Birds by Conor McPherson
"creeptastic thrill ride with subtle yet expressive performances"
"an emotional and psychological trip with excellent acting, direction, and scenic elements."

Testimonials for White Rabbit Red Rabbit by Nassim Soleimanpour
"deeply insightful,"
"a fascinating work of theatre,"
"an unforgettable twisting of the form,"
"one of the most brilliant works of theatre I've seen in my life."