This year’s Critical Needs Alert will focus on organizations that help people meet basic needs; food and nutrition, housing, physical and mental health, transportation, and childcare. More info coming soon!

Welcome to Pittsburgh Gives!

Pittsburgh Gives is the place to find detailed information about Western Pennsylvania’s nonprofits. The steps are simple. Find a nonprofit. Learn about its mission and programs. Become an informed donor. We also use this site to host many of the region’s giving events hosted by The Pittsburgh Foundation, including the Day of Giving and Critical Needs Alert. Use this site to:

  • Get contact information and updates about your favorite nonprofits
  • Browse for new nonprofits determined by your interests
  • Learn about regional initiatives that affect all in our community
  • Donate during our giving events

If you are a nonprofit organization who wishes to create or update a portrait, please click here.

Nonprofits Win

More than 15,700 people made contributions during The Pittsburgh Foundation’s successful Sept. 21 Day of Giving, bringing the official total for two giving day events this year to $5.9 million for nonprofits in Allegheny, Westmoreland and Butler counties.

Grow More Good

The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Charitable Gift Card is a way to give while helping to support the invaluable work of nonprofit organizations in Western Pennsylvania. Click HERE to purchase or redeem cards.

Small and Mighty

Small nonprofits — that is, organizations with annual budgets under $600,000 — account for two-thirds of the Pittsburgh region’s nonprofit sector, and serve our community’s most vulnerable populations and neighborhoods. Click HERE to read more about The Pittsburgh Foundation’s small and mighty program.

Day of Giving A Success!

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all donors, nonprofit partners and sponsors for their excitement and commitment on the Day of Giving, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016.

Total amounts raised per county:
Allegheny County: $1,739,313
Westmoreland County: $266,235
Butler County: $93,343
For an adjusted total of: $2,098,891 after reconciliation

If you have questions about the Day of Giving, please contact us.