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The Allegheny Valley Association of Churches is a Christian agency composed of churches working together to meet the spiritual, social and physical needs of the community.

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The Allegheny Valley Association of Churches (AVAC) is made up of both clergy and lay people from 50 member churches in the Allegheny Valley area. Since 1958, AVAC has provided an ecumenical agency for cooperation in evangelism, mission, Christian education, worship, and social concerns. AVAC reaches out to people in communities throughout the Allegheny Valley region, with all programming respectful of all faith traditions. Services are provided without regard to religious beliefs or any other factors of discrimination.
AVAC is committed to providing a wide range of services to all needy members of the communities we serve, including the homeless, those living in poverty, the elderly, and sick or disabled individuals. Unlike many social services programs, AVAC's programming is designed to help poor individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and reach a point where they are no longer dependent on agencies. As an ecumenical association of churches, we also recognize the need to go beyond just meeting the physical needs of our communities and to satisfy their spiritual needs as well.
Two of our current initiatives directly provide food to families and individuals experiencing food insecurity. We operate a regular food pantry that provides monthly food allotments to those who are registered with the program. Our pantry is open every Wednesday and Thursday and provides a variety of staples to those who attend. Since we are in an area with little to no public transportation we actually take our 15 passenger van out into the community and pick-up any registered participant in need of transportation, deliver them to the pantry to get their food and then take them home. Another initiative we offer is in collaboration with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. We host the Produce to People distribution in northern Allegheny County and provide approximately 40-50 pounds of fresh produce and other food items on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Participants do not need to be registered to receive food, they simply verify that they have a need with a simple signature. We are the only food pantry in our area and are committed to serving those in need. Nearly a third of the people we serve are senior citizens, who depend greatly on our ability to supplement their monthly food supply.
From Linda H. "I honestly do not know where I'd be without the (AVAC) food bank. Not only has it helped to keep food on the table but I have made many great friendships. They truly care about me and my well-being. I look forward to going to the food bank every month. I always come out happier than when I went in, as they not only feed your body but also your soul."
From John M. "As a senior citizen on a very limited income I really depend on the food that I get each month. I particularly appreciate the healthy and nutritious food that I get every time I go. I use the monthly food pantry, where I also get my CSFP (Community Supplemental Food Program) senior box, and the Produce to People distribution. All of this really helps me stretch my budget and the small amount of food stamps that I get."