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Providing services that empower people to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life.

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The First Steps Early Intervention Program at accessAbilities provides children with the support and therapies that they need to create a solid foundation for early learning. Our team of licensed, highly skilled professionals works with children under the age of three. By identifying and strengthening their basic skills at an early age, children are given the best opportunity for a successful future.

Our therapists and early education specialists will work with you and your child, in your home or the location of your child's caregiver, to develop an individualized service plan based upon your child's needs and the family's priorities. The First Steps program recognizes that parents are the greatest influence in their children's lives and encourages parents to take part in their child's therapy sessions so that therapists can teach your family how to do the exercises used during treatment. This enables families to incorporate skills learned into their everyday activities and routines. The early intervention system not only teaches the child, but also teaches the family to actively teach their child to become independent and live life to its fullest.

At accessAbilities all services for adults are geared toward empowering individuals with physical and/or cognitive disabilities to have the supports they need to live in their homes and to participate in community life. For adults, these options include: Personal Care and Assistance, Independent Living/Community Integration Skills, Respite Care, Homemaker Services, Companion Services, Veteran's Services, Home and Community Habilitation. Our participants have choices in how their services are provided and all services are uniquely tailored to the individual's needs.
- I can't say enough great things about the therapists.
- We greatly appreciate all of the help and support we as a family have received.
- Our therapist went above and beyond what was required.
- The program has been tremendously helpful.

- It's a much needed program that I can't be without.
- I don't know what I would do if it were not for help in home.
- I continue to need help, but I've come a long way.
- I would be in a nursing home without my services.