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ACHIEVA supports and empowers people with disabilities and their families.

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ACHIEVA was founded in 1951 by a group of family members who all desired the same thing, to ensure their children with disabilities had the same chances in life that all children should be given. Their commitment helped to establish a nationwide movement that changed the long history of isolation and segregation for both children and adults with disabilities.

ACHIEVA is the only agency of its type in southwestern Pennsylvania that provides lifelong supports.These supports include Advocacy and Family Support, A Home of My Own, Early Intervention, Home Care, Preschool Readiness, ACHIEVA Family Trust, Disability Healthcare Initiative, Recreation, Residential Supports, and Vocational Supports. ACHIEVA impacts thousands of individuals in southwestern Pennsylvania by helping them to celebrate their abilities and achieve their goals.

By supporting ACHIEVA, you are helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in southwestern Pennsylvania to get the supports they need to succeed in life. We truly treasure the support of people like you. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities in your community.

ACHIEVA's family of organizations include:

ACHIEVA Resource
ACHIEVA Family Trust
The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh (serving Allegheny and Beaver Counties)
The Arc of Westmoreland (serving Westmoreland County)

When Kenly, a child with disabilities, began at the Preschool Readiness Program, she would have meltdowns because she was unable to communicate her needs. She did not play with the other children, and her mother, Andrea, was on the verge of quitting after the first week. "The teachers there were my moral support," said Andrea. They convinced her to keep bringing Kenly to the program. Little by little, her behavior at the program began to change.

"Now, she is a ray of sunshine," says Andrea. By the time Kenly finished the program, she was playing with the other children, singing, and learning to express herself. Now, Kenly wakes up in the morning saying, "I'm so happy today!" She has graduated the program and now, at preschool, Kenly loves to sing and dance. Kenly knows the names of all her classmates and sits with her friend on the bus every day. Kenly's preschool teachers are incredibly impressed with her and say that she is a whiz with puzzles. Andrea is amazed at the progress Kenly made in a year thanks to the ACHIEVA Preschool Readiness Program.


Ryan receives ACHIEVA Vocational Supports. He just started his new cleaning job at a local Shop 'n Save. That alone is wonderful, but it's not all. Because of his hard work and the supports he received from his Employment Specialist, Ryan has already received a raise! Ryan's Supported Employment Specialist, Lesley said, "He's made great strides. Being employed has really helped him with his interaction, his socialization, and his confidence. He really takes pride in his work. They want to clone him, is what his supervisors said, because they see what a good job he does."


Cheryl receives supports that allow her to volunteer at her local food bank. She talks with pride of her volunteer work, "It makes me feel like I'm a part of helping other people." Cheryl had this to say to those who give to ACHIEVA : "Without ACHIEVA, I would be sitting home, bored to tears. ACHIEVA makes me feel like even though I have a disability, I can still go out and contribute and help other people. It makes me feel like I'm a part of society. It gives me independence and time with my friends. I want to say thank you very much for keeping ACHIEVA going."