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The Mission of AJAPO is to provide a continuum of care which empowers refugees and immigrants residing in the Greater Pittsburgh communities and Allegheny County to become self-sufficient and better integrated into the Greater Pittsburgh Community in Allegheny County.

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AJAPO is a Refugee Resettlement Agency providing reception and replacement for refugees from any part of the world through its affiliation to (the national VOLAG) Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC). ECDC works directly with the department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migrantion for its funding and resettlement program with affiliates.

AJAPO's programs, services, and day-to-day work in the community are guided by the following values:
Community Strengths
Mutual Respect & Dignity

AJAPO's Programs provide clients with the following:
Provision of Resettlement Plan with clients
Cultural competence training
Provision of furnished housing, food and clothing
Referrals for Govt. IDs, health screenings, ESL classes, welfare benefits, child care, etc.
Employment services and referral for jobs
Children school enrollment
Interpretation Services
Massim, the nephew of Halima's father, arrived in Pittsburgh with his family in September 2011. Upon leaving Dadabb and Kakuma refugee camps in Kenya, they were sent to Denver, Colorado before they moved to Pittsburgh in order to be closer to their relatives.
Since arriving in Pittsburgh, the Massim family worked hard to find jobs and learn English with the support of AJAPO. Although they now speak more English, Massim and his wife find it extremely difficult to find better employment. Their lack of English proficiency makes it frustrating to navigate the health, education, and welfare systems. AJAPO has helped the Massim family through all of this by walking them through the bureaucratic processes, interpreting for them,and aiding in filling out forms and applications.
Because AJAPO is a needs-based organization, they are able to provide Massim family with a continuum of holistic care that helps in diverse aspects of their lives rather than providing services in some areas and leaving the family to fend for themselves in other areas. The Massim family continues to build self-sufficiency and independence through the encouragement of AJAPO.