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A+ Schools is an independent community advocate for equity and excellence in Pittsburgh Public Schools. We envision a public education system in Pittsburgh where: Overall student achievement continues to rise, with 100% of students graduating, and 80% finishing a training program, 2 year or 4 year university program, and Race is not a factor in determining which students: are in the highest and lowest achievement categories, graduate from high school or matriculate in tr

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A+ Schools believes that in order to achieve a strong public school system we must have effective leaders who are fully accountable, fiscally responsible and strategically focused on moving the district forward. A district governed by a focused school board that functions with purpose, transparency, respect, responsibility and competency will allow students to achieve their maximum potential. Board Watch is a grassroots effort established by A+ Schools that is meant to ensure effective school board governance. It involves volunteers who are trained to observe Pittsburgh Public School Board meetings as independent, informed, nonpartisan citizen evaluators of the School Board's governance.