Community Human Services

Every person has value and should have a place to call home. At Community Human Services (CHS), we honor this belief by empowering those we serve and ensuring everyone can live in stable housing, connect to community supports, build relationships, and access quality food.

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CHS assists individuals and families in a housing crisis obtain and remain in housing. The Homeless Assistance Programs also assist individuals and families in the community stabilize their housing and prevent them from becoming homeless. CHS serves anyone over the age of 18 in Allegheny County who is either precariously housed or has lost their housing and needs to obtain new permanent housing. With offices in Uptown and at Wood Street Commons in Downtown Pittsburgh, CHS offers a range of options from street outreach and emergency shelter to permanent housing and homelessness prevention. CHS is committed to assist everyone that approaches the agency for housing assistance, whether directly with one or more of the CHS programs or indirectly with referrals to agencies who will be able to provide the assistance needed.
Our daughter developed a drug problem after suffering a back injury. My husband and I got custody of our grand daughter in February. We had to take her and make sure she was safe. But, we had no extra money to pay for a bigger apartment, more food, her clothes and all of the things she needed. We had no idea where to go and found CHS on the internet. We called and were able to do our intake within a few days. CHS helped us find a bigger apartment and paid our first month of rent and security deposit. They bought us the stove and refrigerator we needed and made sure it was stocked with food. They assisted us in applying for energy assistance and medical benefits for our granddaughter. Our daughter is working on her addiction and once she is healthy, she can come to stay with all of us in our new home. - Sarah and Michael