Q: What is The Pittsburgh Foundation's Day of Giving?

The Pittsburgh Foundation's Day of Giving is a 16-hour, online opportunity to donate to local nonprofits to increase philanthropy in our region. Our September Day of Giving website is hosted by a new technology vendor in which we have great confidence, CiviCore.

Q:  Why give?

Public charities, schools and religious institutions play an essential role across our region's health, arts, environment, education and social services sectors. In today's economic environment, these organizations need to accomplish much more with much less. Gifts made during the Day of Giving will be amplified by incentive prizes for participating nonprofits.

Q: How is The Pittsburgh Foundation attracting gifts to this program?

Each of the nonprofits publicizes the day to their volunteers, prior donors, friends and family. Publicity about the event also prompts the public to give.  The Pittsburgh Foundation also offers cash incentive prizes for many participating organizations.  A list of these prizes can be found on http://pittsburghgives.org           

Q: How does the match work for organizations with matching funds available?

If an Allegheny County organization has a match pool listed on the Leaderboard, your donation to that organization will be matched dollar for dollar with funds collected by the organization. This is not a challenge match: participating organizations have collected the full match amount ahead of this event specifically to attract additional funding for the organization.

In Butler and Westmoreland counties, organizations will receive a pro-rated match until match funds are depleted from a special match pool provided by local donors. The total match pool for Butler County organizations is $10,000 and the total match for Westmoreland County is $50,000. These are pro-rated, meaning that the Butler and Westmoreland County matches are spread over the total number of dollars raised by all organizations in each county. For example, if Westmoreland County organizations raise $400,000 in total, the $50,000 match is spread among the $400,000, so a Westmoreland organization would get 12.5 cents on the dollar raised (minus any processing or credit cards fees, up to 5%). Organizations are only eligible for one match pool. 

Q: When will donations be accepted?

The day officially begins at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 21. You may also preschedule your donation on the website between Sept. 14 and Sept. 20. Prescheduled gifts will be processed on Sept. 21 and are still match and prize eligible.

Q:  When will the Day of Giving program end?

Midnight, Sept. 21, 2016

Q:  How may I make a donation?

Any individual or business may give online with a credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). 

The Pittsburgh Foundation has exclusive legal control over the assets contributed. Article II Section I of the Foundation's Resolution and Declaration of Trust grants the Foundation the power to modify the restriction or condition on the distribution of funds for any specified charitable purpose or to any specified organization if in the sole judgment of the Foundation's Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes, in effect, "…unnecessary, undesirable, impractical or impossible…or that said circumstances have so changed as to render said expressed desires no longer wise or beneficial."

Q: May I mail in my gift or make my gift by phone?

No. To receive credit toward matching gifts or additional prizes, all gifts must be made through The Pittsburgh Foundation Day of Giving website at http://pittsburghgives.org/

Q: Is there a size limit on gifts?

Yes.  The minimum is $25.00. There is no maximum amount.

Q: How will I receive acknowledgement of my gift?

All gifts made during The Pittsburgh Foundation Day of Giving are processed by CiviCore.com, a service that facilitates online donations. Donors will receive an email from CiviCore.com for tax purposes- you will NOT receive a receipt from the nonprofit.  The nonprofits do receive, however, the contact information of all donors unless you request that your donation remain anonymous. If your donation is not anonymous, you may receive a thank you letter directly from the nonprofit.

Q:  What costs are associated with the program?

There is a credit card fee, as is customary with all credit card purchases, and a technology processing fee. These fees will total 5 percent. The Pittsburgh Foundation is assessing NO fees itself to provide this program. Credit card transactions are secure and backed by a PCI level 1 secure service provider certification.

Q:  How can I be sure that the nonprofits receive my contribution?

After the Day of Giving, The Pittsburgh Foundation will provide a grant to the nonprofits of all individual donations and incentive prizes. The 501c3 charity status of all nonprofits was approved prior to participation.

Q:   May my donation be refunded?

No. However, if you made a typing error in amount or selection of nonprofit organization, please contact The Pittsburgh Foundation within 48 hours of the event at 412-391-5122.

Q: If I have an issue with my donation on the Day of Giving, what do I do?

Call 412-391-5122

Q:  I work for a nonprofit and am looking for more information for my organization. What should I do?

Select the "Info for Nonprofits" tab of this website 

Q: If I have a question prior to the Day of Giving, what do I do?

Please contact The Pittsburgh Foundation via email at http://pittsburghfoundation.org/contact_us