Focus On Renewal

The mission of Focus On Renewal (FOR) is to empower the development of spirit, mind and body of individuals so they may live their lives in a dignified and fully human way.

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The Focus On Renewal Sto-Rox Neighborhood Corporation, or FOR for short, was founded in 1969. FOR founders led a group of mobilized citizens and community activists against corrupt local politicians to create an umbrella organization for much needed social services now ranging from food security, nutrition, early-childhood education, support groups and mental health to arts programs for ages and small business incubation.

FOR has now grown to house 30+ staff at 6 locations throughout McKees Rocks and Stowe Township. FOR aims to support the people in our community through programs for all ages aimed towards the development of healthy mind, body and spirit. We work with a wide range of partners to ensure high quality programming is accessible to all 13,000 residents of the Sto-Rox Community.

Why does Sto-Rox need FOR's Support?

24% of Sto-Rox Residents are under the age of 18.
Median household income is $24,534, less than half of the county value.
100% of Sto-Rox students qualify for free lunches.
80.3% of McKees Rocks households with children are single parent households.
These statistics, however, tell only part of the story. Throughout FOR's long service to the community, the following conditions have been on the increase: drug and alcohol addiction, various degrees of untreated mental illness, criminal histories, poor nutrition and physical health ailments.