3,750 donations to 190 organizations
*Preliminary numbers including incentive funds
On May 23, The Pittsburgh Foundation will host a Critical Needs Alert giving event to support basic needs and the safety net in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties. Giving begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 11:59 p.m. with a $25 minimum donation. A $600,000 prorated match from the Foundation and its donors makes your donations go even further.
This year’s online giving event will benefit nonprofits that provide direct service in five areas that will strengthen the safety net of essential human services:

  • Child Care - Programs providing child care for infants and children up to age 6. (Those that provide only before-or after-school programming do not qualify.)
  • Food and Nutrition - Organizations such as food pantries, food banks and soup kitchens that provide food to those who don’t have the ability to meet daily needs.
  • Housing - Organizations providing direct shelter to individuals and families facing homelessness or other housing crises.
  • Physical and Mental Health - Organizations providing clinical physical and mental health care.
  • Transportation - Organizations with a core mission that includes providing transportation to those in need. (School programs that provide transportation to students from the core program do not qualify.)

If you are a nonprofit organization that wishes to create or update a profile, please click here.

Critical Needs Alert 2017

The last Critical Needs Alert giving event held on May 23, 2017 raised more than $1.2 million for organizations that provide an essential safety net of services for the most vulnerable in our community.

Grow More Good

The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Charitable Gift Card is a way to give while helping to support the invaluable work of nonprofit organizations in Western Pennsylvania. Click HERE to purchase or redeem cards.

Small and Mighty

Small nonprofits — that is, organizations with annual budgets under $600,000 — account for two-thirds of the Pittsburgh region’s nonprofit sector, and serve our community’s most vulnerable populations and neighborhoods. Click HERE to read more about The Pittsburgh Foundation’s Small and Mighty program.