Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program

The Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program promotes health and environmental justice by developing leaders in service who embody the legacy of Albert Schweitzer. By directly addressing health and human service needs of disadvantaged citizens in southwest Pennsylvania and the region, the Schweitzer Fellows' example influences and inspires others.

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Our vision is of a world in which every person - regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity - enjoys access to quality health care, environmentally safe homes and communities, unqualified respect and avenues for maximizing potential.

Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program (PSFP) is an experiential leadership program that prepares a diverse group of graduate students for effective leadership in the health and human service arena. Fellows provide 200-300 hours of direct service to Pittsburgh's neediest populations while they remain in graduate school. Since 1997, with 336 alums, PSFP develops leaders in service - individuals dedicated to meeting the health and human service needs in underserved communities and whose example inspires others. PSFP provides an opportunity for professional growth by connecting methodology to the real world. By carrying out a direct service project in Pittsburgh's neediest neighborhoods, Pittsburgh Fellows face the challenges and opportunities intrinsic in developing and implementing a project from idea to reality and experience the rewards of working with disadvantaged people. Annually Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows serve from 5500-6500 disadvantaged citizens in southwest PA.