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The mission of 412 Food Rescue is to prevent perfectly viable food from entering the waste stream.

40% of all the food is wasted while 1 in 7 are food insecure. Pairing technology with civic engagement, we partner with food retailers and redirect surplus food to nonprofits that serve those in poverty. Food is delivered by network of volunteers mobilized via a mobile app.

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In less than three years, 412 Food Rescue has emerged to be one of the fastest-growing food recovery organizations in the United States. To date, the agency has recovered more than 3 million pounds of food - roughly 2.5 million meals with a retail value of $7.5 million. Much of this has been accomplished through the development, launch and utilization of an innovative technology platform - the Food Rescue Hero mobile app. The technology launched in late 2016 and has over 4,000 users. It has enabled a corps of over 1,100 active volunteers to deliver recovered food to more than 460 nonprofit partners - ensuring that it gets to the people who need it the most.

As the only organization in the region focused solely on preventing 40% of the food supply from entering the waste stream, 412 Food Rescue is the leading establishment employing a new distribution model that ensures food is getting to those who need it. We are establishing new food access networks that go beyond traditional food pantries. Through this network, over 97,000 more people are within 15-minute walking distance of a food access point-mitigating the impact of food and transportation deserts.
Every day the potential for significant impact becomes more evident...

Michelle Sandidge / Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
"412 Food Rescue has helped to ensure that no HACP resident will be denied access to fresh, healthy food. Despite major cuts to the federal SNAP program, our collaborative efforts have managed to effectively end hunger in our public housing communities. Historically, our communities have averaged 5 to 7 emergency referrals for families without food each month. Since 412 Food Rescue has begun serving HACP communities on a regular basis, emergency referrals are now non-existent. We attribute this dramatic success to the ongoing efforts of 412 Food Rescue. Their innovative and community and caring spirit has rescued our residents with much more than just food!"

Kim Heard / Mercy Generations Wilkinsburg
"We are truly grateful for our partnership with 412 Food Rescue. Generations is a supportive housing program that provides housing for people that were living under bridges and in homeless camps! One of our clients noted, "The food we get from 412 Food Rescue is wonderful, I truly love all the fruits and vegetables. It really helps me to want to eat healthier! I have started to cut up some of my vegetables and freeze them - it helps my food stamps stretch much better for the month!"